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Gallery Pollock provides photo restoration
and custom digital printing in color or black & white.

All printing is done on an Epson 9600 Pro large format printer utilizing Epson Ultrachrome archival inks and Ilford inkjet media. Ilford inkjet media is also archival and is similar in weight and feel to their photographic papers. Customers have their choice of either glossy or pearl surface. Printing on fine art paper or canvas is also available at additional cost. The Epson 9600 Pro allows for prints up to 40 inches wide and a maximum of 10 feet long.

Turnaround time is usually 24-48 hours.
For pricing, call Larry to discuss your project and get a quote.

Some of the images on this website are for sale. These are denoted by a $ sign that appears to the right of the copyright symbol.
As above, all prints are archival grade using Epson Ultrachrome inks on Ilford Gallerie inkjet paper that has the look, weight, and feel of their photographic papers. Your choice of Glossy or Pearl surface.

8”x 10” image on 11”x 14” paper.....$95.00
11”x 14” image on 16”x 20” paper....$125.00
Shipping and handling.....$6.95

In Texas add 8.25% for sales tax on prints (no tax on S&H charges).
Larger sizes and prints on Fine Art Paper or Canvas are available at extra

L. Pollock is also available for photo assignments. Again, call to discuss
your project and get a quote.

Larry Pollock

Photographer - musician

“I took up photography as a hobby while a teen in rural east Texas and I have not strayed too far from those roots. Photography remained a hobby as I worked in the photo equipment and supply business for many years. Mainly self taught, I managed to pick up a few tricks of the trade over the years from other photographers that I knew in the photo industry.

Experienced in landscape and architectural styles, I have mainly worked in entertainment photography which I blended into my other passion…music. That work includes cd and website images for many musicians in the U.S. and Europe.

When not working with a camera or in my digital darkroom, you can catch me with my guitar performing around Austin in my gypsy jazz combo 'Swingtime' "
B.B. King

January 9, 2010+br529+br360+br1

Maynard Ferguson

January 9, 2010+br539+br360+br2

John Lee Hooker

January 9, 2010+br360+br456+br3

Miss Christa Bell

January 9, 2010+br524+br550+br4

Jerry Lee Lewis

January 6, 2010+br850+br576+br5

Jerry Lee Lewis and Mickey Gilly

January 6, 2010+br850+br576+br6

Freddy Fender

January 6, 2010+br544+br680+br7

Frank Vignola

January 6, 2010+br460+br680+br8

Adrian Belew

January 6, 2010+br451+br680+br9

Hot Tuna

January 6, 2010+br544+br680+br10

Fats Domino

January 6, 2010+br660+br840+br11

Albert King

January 6, 2010+br450+br680+br12

Red Volkert

January 6, 2010+br660+br840+br13

Django's Resting Place Samois 2003

January 29, 2010+br850+br566+br14

Django's Resting Place 2003

January 29, 2010+br850+br523+br15

Gypsy Guitar 2 2004

January 29, 2010+br494+br680+br16

Gypsy Guitar 2004

January 29, 2010+br453+br680+br17

Boulou Ferre 2004

January 14, 2010+br550+br366+br18

Gonzalo Bergara 2004

January 14, 2010+br550+br441+br19

Beryl Davis 2004

January 14, 2010+br360+br489+br20

Samois 2003 Gypsy Accordioniste

January 13, 2010+br360+br502+br21

Louie Marini

January 9, 2010+br371+br550+br22

Ultimate Warrior & Macho Man

February 4, 2010+br453+br680+br23

On The Ropes

February 4, 2010+br453+br680+br24

Legion of DOOM

February 4, 2010+br453+br680+br25

Macho Man & Sherri Martel

February 4, 2010+br453+br680+br26

Indian Wrestling

February 4, 2010+br850+br566+br27

Legion O Doom

February 4, 2010+br850+br566+br28

Big Boss Man C

February 4, 2010+br850+br566+br29

Big Boss Man B

February 4, 2010+br850+br566+br30

Hacksaw Dugan

February 4, 2010+br453+br680+br31

Big Boss Man

February 4, 2010+br850+br566+br32

Hulk Hogan

February 4, 2010+br453+br680+br33

The Undertaker & Friend

February 4, 2010+br453+br680+br34


January 29, 2010+br850+br566+br35


January 29, 2010+br850+br680+br36

The Ultimate Warrior

January 6, 2010+br460+br680+br37

Lady Wrestler

January 6, 2010+br544+br680+br38

Simon Planting

January 9, 2010+br360+br461+br39

Niece Sara

January 9, 2010+br435+br550+br40

Barcelona Statuette

February 4, 2010+br460+br680+br41

Barcelona Statue

January 14, 2010+br467+br680+br42

Barcelona Milk Can

January 14, 2010+br850+br576+br43

Throne Room-Nuremberg Castle 1998

January 14, 2010+br850+br617+br44

Assets 2004

January 29, 2010+br494+br680+br45

Der Spiegel 1989

January 14, 2010+br433+br550+br46

Queen Mum 1998

January 14, 2010+br485+br680+br47

Milton Hopkins (Lightnin's Nephew)

January 29, 2010+br850+br566+br48

Jerry Garcia

January 29, 2010+br453+br680+br49

Greatful Dead

January 29, 2010+br850+br566+br50

Doug Sahm 1994

January 29, 2010+br362+br550+br51

Bo's Guitar

January 29, 2010+br453+br680+br52

Bo's Guitar 1993

January 29, 2010+br453+br680+br53

B.B. King

January 29, 2010+br529+br360+br54

B.B. King 2

January 29, 2010+br850+br566+br55

Albert King 2

January 29, 2010+br544+br680+br56

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